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  • Maya

    This slender, black-haired woman wears a blue uniform like that worn by many mechanics and repair crews aboard Sel Zonn Station. Her face and clothes are smudged with grease, and her look suggests that she has been in more than a few firefights. The …

  • Captain Sirona Okeefe

    Currently the Captain of the Baudo-class star yact, the [[Banshee]]. Sirona Okeefe is a free trader and transport pilot who frequently works for Organa and his agents most recently, [[:maya | Maya]]. On retainer from the Senator, Captain Okeefe is a …

  • RX-13 aka "Crash"

    An RX-13 pilot droid nicknamed “Crash,” who is curmudgeonly and prefers to gripe about nearly everything rather than go about his duties.

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