Captain Sirona Okeefe


Currently the Captain of the Baudo-class star yact, the Banshee.

Sirona Okeefe is a free trader and transport pilot who frequently works for Organa and his agents most recently, Maya. On retainer from the Senator, Captain Okeefe is a beautiful middle-aged woman who knows her way around the galaxy.

The captain is something of a black sheep in her family (which hails from Brentaal) and doesn’t care to speak about her past. She does mention that she has a niece who aspires to follow in her footsteps. Otherwise, Okeefe always keeps the conversation light and flirty. Captain Okeefe is also very fond of her droid copilot, an RX-13 pilot droid nicknamed “Crash”, who is curmudgeonly and prefers to gripe about nearly everything rather than go about his duties. Still, the two make a good pair; the Banshee runs smoothly and has a number of special modifications that make it more than a match for Imperial patrols.

Captain Okeefe is fiercely loyal to Senator Organa and trusts the heroes only because he does. Her ship, the Banshee, now serves as the party’s primary mode of transportation.

Captain Sirona Okeefe

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