This Story is NOT about Space Wizards in the Past Future

The Adventure Thus Far...

A summary of events prior to creating this portal.

The Adventure begins on an uninteresting, small space platform (one of about a dozen) floating around the planet Brentaal. The players arrive each separately on Sel Zonn Station, as it’s named, each passing through and on their own travels and varied destinations.

On a fine afternoon the heroes each find themselves enjoying lunch and casually shopping in the stations central market when a woman wearing the greasy clothes of a mechanic stumbles in clearly injured. Two men that the players noticed earlier carrying poorly concealed Hold-Out Blasters started making their way through the crowd and towards the woman, who then turned and stumbled into Ezrael and Ayna begging for assistance. Before anyone could react, two Stormtroopers entered the Market and aimed their blasters at the woman, shouting for everyone to back away from her. Ayna immediately ignited his lightsaber to defend the woman but succeeded only in alerting everyone around them that there are fugitive Jedi on board the station. One of the informants immediately snapped a shot off at the Jedi, but hit the woman in the back instead, causing her to crumple to the ground in a lifeless heap. The Stormtroopers immediately called in for backup while the market immediately turned into a frenzy as civilians rushed to clear the area.

After seeing this great act of injustice, the rest of the heroes immediately join the fight to help the Jedi and the fallen woman. They quickly kill the informants while Ayna disarmed one of the Stormtroopers and Ezrael chopped the other one down. The disarmed Stormtrooper, dispite all odds and common sense, bullrushed Ayna and successfully tackled and pinned the Jedi. After a short wrestling match and a couple of whiffs by Ezrael, Ayna managed to convince the Stormtrooper (the Force is a wonderful thing sometimes) to leave the Market and return to his bunk at the barracks. Ezrael missed several more easy swings at the Stormtrooper as he ran out, immediately branding the Stormtrooper as the “One Who Got Away”.

After the skirmish, Cesc and Elisch teamed up to immediately help the fallen woman, whom was seconds away from death. After several medpacks and some amazing surgery, they managed to get the woman conscious and on her feet just as the reinforcements showed up. After defeating the small group and locking the doors to prevent the others from entering, the new group of fugitives escaped and were guided by the woman, who introduces herself as Maya, to her safe quarters.

Upon arriving, Maya quickly informs the party that they needed to get to deep storage bay V14, where a droid named Switch can provide them with the location of some very valuable cargo. According to Maya, Switch was responsible for receiving and storing this cargo, which was shipped all the way from the Deep Core. Maya was supposed to contact Switch, recover the cargo, and deliver it to Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. She reveals that she is a member of Alderaanian Security and part of Organa’s personal security detail, and that she was waylaid by the Empire mere hours after arriving on the station. Apparently, the fact that she works for a vocal opponent of the Emperor has flagged her as a troublemaker, and the Empire wants her off the station one way or the other. If the party can get the cargo from Switch, Maya agreed to provide them with transport off the station and away from their new pursuers.

The party agrees to help her out upon hearing this information (and certainly motivated by the monetary reward afterward) and headed towards the deep storage bay while keeping a low profile so as not to draw any more attention.

The party found through general information gathering and some clever computer usage that a storage bay on the station hasn’t been used in quite some time, but many people on the station have heard of things going on in those parts of the station. They decide to take the direct route in and discover the entrance to Deep Storage Bay V14 guarded by a couple of Gamorreans. Deciding not to pick a fight with two massive guards in a cramped, hardly lit hallway, the Party engages them in chatter and with a little force persuasion let the party into the Storage Bay.

Upon entering, they find a dark Protocol Droid, who cheerfully and gracefully introduces himself as Switch, standing behind a large, very rare, finely crafted desk made out of Japor ivory wood and next to him, an R5 unit he introduces as R5-B8. Rico is immediately enamored by the beautiful desk.

They learn that Switch is an information broker and offers to release the precious cargo to the heroes for 1000 credits and also offers them a chance to make a little money by transporting some Corellian Ale for him to Alderaan. After some drawn out negotiations, the party learns that the cargo is being held in the Main Docking Bay on the Blue Deck.

The heroes discover Switch’s thugs hiding behind crates in the storage bay and quickly turn distrustful to the protocol droid. When things start to escalate between the two parties, loud squealing and blaster shots suddenly come from the entrance, where a Chevin gangster and his minions enter from. The Chevin yells at Switch for trying to hide his dealings with Otherworlders and declares he’s tired of not getting a cut. Before another word could be uttered, he opens fire on the room.

Although Switch’s minions show no aggression towards the heroes, they treat them as hostile and fight a two fronted battle between both Gangsters, quickly dispatching the minions with only some minor injuries. After seeing the fight turn quickly into a free-for-all bloodbath, Switch darts for the entrance for an escape, but is swiftly shot and cut down by Ezrael and Cesc. Once everyone was dispatched, the party quickly turns to looting the room and Rico tries to devise methods to extract the very heavy, but very beautiful desk. After inter-party bickering between Ayna Hassat and Rico over the desk and whether or not to take it, Ayna force pushes the desk into a large hole to end the debate. Rico decides to retaliate by throwing a blaster bolt through R5-B8, whom Ayna was hoping to keep.

Somehow, the party regroups after mourning their lost loot and continues on their quest to retrieve the cargo and get off Sel Zonn Station.

(I’ll fill in more details later, for now, here’s the remaining event bullet points that have happened thus far:)

  • Blue Deck and the Main Docking Bay
  • Escape from Sel Zonn Station
  • Arrival at Alderaan and meeting with Senator Bail Organa
  • Rocky arrival at Felucia
  • Felucian Sanctuary and the sick children
  • Speeder bike chase and the Imperial Outpost



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